Taking Down My Website and News About My Novels

I am sorry to report that my website has been hopelessly corrupted. I will therefore take it off the internet in the next couple of days.

My tenth Amish-Country Mystery, Stars for Lydia, is still available both as a paperback and an e-book. The paperback can be purchased at Amazon, and electronic books are available at all of the various e-reader companies.

Also, I am happy to report that Ohio University Press will soon publish new editions of my first seven stories. These will include travel maps for the story locations, interviews with me, and discussion questions for book clubs and reading groups.

I will try to establish a new website/blog at something like P.L. Gaus’s Amish-Country Mysteries. This may take a couple of weeks, but certainly you can look for it sometime early next year.

I thank all of you who have supported my novels and website over the years. I am grateful beyond what words can express for your many positive comments and letters. I cannot predict what the future may hold, but I do not think you have heard the last from Professor Branden, Sheriff Robertson and Pastor Troyer.

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  1. Terry Crouse
    Terry Crouse - at - - Reply

    I hope you write more. These have all been my favorite books. Some I’ve read twice.

  2. Brenda Warren b
    Brenda Warren b - at - - Reply

    I hope not because vim already fr your next novel. They’re the best.

    Brenda Warren

  3. Donna McElvany
    Donna McElvany - at - - Reply

    Thanks for the update and so very sorry about your website. I love your books and I’m excited to get the newest one!

  4. Loretta Moore
    Loretta Moore - at - - Reply

    I have read and enjoyed all of your novels, including Stars for Lydia. So sorry to hear about the “hacking” on your website. Will be looking forward to reading news on your new website when it is up and running. I am very encouraged to read that we haven’t heard the last from Professor Branden, Sheriff Robertson and Pastor Troyer.

  5. George R. Pilcher
    George R. Pilcher - at - - Reply

    Thank goodness you are contemplating writing more volumes in this series–I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t look forward to the next “Paul Gaus Amish” novel. I grew up in Canton, Ohio and majored in Chemistry (Class of ’70) at the College of Wooster. The roads, the people, the landmarks, the overall feeling of “Amish Country” that Prof. Gaus captures so beautifully in his books are all part of my DNA, my cooking (in the Amish tradition), and my general outlook on life. I have hardbacks and paperbacks of eight of the ten novels to date (long story) and can hardly wait to acquire the reprints by OSU of the first seven novels, each augmented with maps and comments by Prof. Gaus. What a treat that will be!!!

  6. Karen M Byus
    Karen M Byus - at - - Reply

    This notice has made me very angry. It is very sad. I hope you continue to write your wonderful Amish Mysteries. I loved each and every one and will order #10 tomorrow from Amazon. Hang in there. Looking toward the future.

  7. Nancy Gibson
    Nancy Gibson - at - - Reply

    I hope it isn’t the last of your stories. I’ve enjoyed every one of them. Thank you for your intreat in the Amish and their communities.

  8. Sherrill Dunsmuir
    Sherrill Dunsmuir - at - - Reply

    I am sorry that your website is giving you so much trouble, but relieved to hear that there are more books to come. There are a very few books that I keep close by, to re-read when I need the comfortable presence of old friends. Your books are among them. I anxiously await the next … in your time.

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