My Website is Working Again!

Hello to all my fans and friends of The Amish-Country Mysteries.  My website, which has not been operational for quite some time, is working again, and I am so happy to be able to report this.  Look for more news here, soon, about progress on publishing my tenth novel, Remnants.  It is about the Schwartzentruber sect, the most conservative of all the Amish churches.

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  1. Melissa L
    Melissa L - at - - Reply

    So glad to see your blog back. Looking forward to the new book!

  2. Carol Reed
    Carol Reed - at - - Reply

    I am really looking forward to a new book. I have read all of your novels and love them. I am very familiar with the Holmes County area so that makes it even better.

  3. Linda
    Linda - at - - Reply

    So looking forward to your newest book! Hello to Madinna!

  4. Loretta M.
    Loretta M. - at - - Reply

    Happy to see your blog and waiting for more information on your tenth novel. Can’t wait.

  5. Wil
    Wil - at - - Reply

    Glad to hear you are back up and running. Looking forward to hearing more abount the new book.

  6. Dottie Thomas
    Dottie Thomas - at - - Reply

    Was just visiting Holmes County. Love your Amish mysteries. I am anxiously awaiting Remnants. So glad too, that your website is back up. You are a great writer and I’ve loved each one of your Amish mysteries! You bring the area and its people to life! Thanks so much.

  7. ollie gaus
    ollie gaus - at - - Reply

    Your blog about Amish new book came on cfl. e-mail. That is fine. Have not found info about E-Book.. I’ll keep looking.

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