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  1. Randy Gudeahn
    Randy Gudeahn - at - - Reply

    Awesomeness for sure and for certain.

  2. Midnight Wilson
    Midnight Wilson - at - - Reply

    What a great day! Can’t wait to see where it takes Fannie.

  3. Melissa
    Melissa - at - - Reply

    I was not able to find it in a store near me but never fail, I have it now ordered from Amazon and should have it next week. Cannot wait to spend the day and night with all of the familiar characters..

  4. Jewels
    Jewels - at - - Reply

    I also have a difficult time finding Paul’s books in stores. When I was able, I pre-ordered Whiskers of Lion through Christian Books and received it right away after it’s release. Since it went to the top of the list to read, I have finished reading it and I LOVED it. I am hoping we do not have to wait very long for another Holmes county mystery. Very glad the book ended as it did (don’t want to put in any spoilers for others). Paul, I do not know if you tire of writing about these characters, but I do not tire of reading about them. Since I reside fairly close to Holmes county and visit as often as possible, I can picture MANY of the roads and places that you are referring to in your books, I to am a “back roads” person when I visit that area, and I have found the most amazing places off the beaten path. Love Miller’s Bakery! Did you visit Middlefield personally to be able to give the detailed descriptions in this book?

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