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  1. Melissa L
    Melissa L - at - - Reply

    Beautiful horses. I do miss driving there.

  2. Dave Gibson
    Dave Gibson - at - - Reply

    I envy the Amish and their simple, down to earth lifestyle. If only the rest of the world would take note, what a wonderful place Earth would be. I grew up in rural Australia and this strikes a wonderful note with me.

  3. Cindy in Lakewood
    Cindy in Lakewood - at - - Reply

    My favorite type of horse-a gentle giant. Thank you for sharing!:)

  4. Midnight Wilson
    Midnight Wilson - at - - Reply

    What a great picture!

  5. Steve
    Steve - at - - Reply

    I need to drive through there pretty soon! Maybe we can find some friends from over that way to accompany us!

  6. Karen M. Byus
    Karen M. Byus - at - - Reply

    The Amish have some of the most beautiful horses and they give them the best of care because their livelihood depends on the health, etc. of these beautiful horses.. They also have beautiful buggy horses because they very often get them at auctions that sell excellent race horses that may be too old to race, or the horse is not living up to their standards. Love all the pictures you send, but cannot wait for your next novel!

  7. Loretta M.
    Loretta M. - at - - Reply

    I enjoy the wonderful picture of the Amish draft horses.. I like Cindy’s comment — gentle giant horses. I look forward to the pictures you post which always provide a “bright” spot in my day. Like many others, I am waiting for your next novel.

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