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  1. Suzanne Sellner
    Suzanne Sellner - at - - Reply

    That is indeed a beautiful sight! With the heat here in Houston, TX, I, too, just took a nap.

    When should we expect your next book?

  2. Brenda Warren
    Brenda Warren - at - - Reply

    I just came back from Canton Ohio, not far from Amish country. Love that entire area. Beautiful picture.
    And can’t wait to get your next book.

  3. Steve
    Steve - at - - Reply

    Poor horses could use air conditioning!

  4. Melissa L
    Melissa L - at - - Reply

    Beautiful and don’t blame them with the heat.

  5. PA Rebecca
    PA Rebecca - at - - Reply

    A peaceful sight in a too busy world.

  6. Midnight Wilson
    Midnight Wilson - at - - Reply

    Re-enegizing! What a great picture!

  7. Karen Byus
    Karen Byus - at - - Reply

    Today, here in Clermont County, the temperature is 90…at the moment. I can sympathize with the horses resting. They work very hard for the Amish and are very important to the lives of the Amish families. Who would like to plow, reap, etc. with a shovel, rake or hoe?

    I, like everyone else, is waiting patiently for your new book! 🙂

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