Amish Scenes From Holmes County, Ohio – Parochial School

Amish Scenes From Holmes County, Ohio - Parochial School

This Amish parochial school was built four years ago on the borderline between Holmes County and Wayne County.  It has handicapped access, a mud room at front, two softball backstops, and a very large playground.  On days like today, even with temperatures well below zero, you can see the children walking to school along the country lanes.  I doubt there’ll be much outdoor play for recess today, but in milder weather (when we finally have some) it’s fun to see the kids playing softball, or swinging, or pumping the Teeter-Totters.  School for Amish children?  It’s like anyone else, I suppose – it’s hard to stay inside for recess.

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    It’s interesting that the Amish children WALK to school in below-zero temperatures and our children get the day off and most of them get rides! Just sayin’

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