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  1. Ernest Myers
    Ernest Myers - at - - Reply

    It is a quiet peaceful place where life may be hard but it’s also good – better than some other places by far.

  2. Midsummer Day Wilson
    Midsummer Day Wilson - at - - Reply

    It does look quiet–no planes flying overhead and no race tracks! Not to mention–no tractors, combines, trucks, or blaring electric guitars. That stuff makes the Amish life more attractive (well, except for the guitars–they are pretty cool at times, especially with cool sounding small Fender amps)!

  3. Karen M. Byus
    Karen M. Byus - at - - Reply

    I think Clermont County is not as “quite” as it used to be as so many people have moved here, trying to leave other counties they are not happy about.
    I finally received your book, read it, and ….WOW. What an ending! 🙂

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