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  1. Melissa L
    Melissa L - at - - Reply

    I remember many memories of seeing these from living near the Amish in my childhood.

  2. Terry Holsinger
    Terry Holsinger - at - - Reply

    It’s unfortunate that this type “Improvement” led to the Dust Bowl days on the American Prairies. First multi-horse rigs, then tractors then Caterpillars. I hope the Amish are not succumbing to “Progress”! That would be a shame indeed…

  3. Linda
    Linda - at - - Reply

    Fun to see reminders of our former Ohio Amish connection! Can’t wait for next book. Mine is ordered and will arrive on release day!

  4. Steve T.
    Steve T. - at - - Reply

    Cool stuff, that! I love these photos!

  5. Floyd C. Dickman
    Floyd C. Dickman - at - - Reply

    Love the photo. It reminds me of my grandfather using horses on his farm until the mid 1940’s.

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