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  1. Terry Holsinger
    Terry Holsinger - at - - Reply

    Although I’m not Amish, I walked to and from school for the first 11 years. Then I got a car and drove to and from school. Ah those were the days…

  2. Karen Byus
    Karen Byus - at - - Reply

    I walked from kindergarten through 6th grade….about a mile. Had to take the bus after that because school MILES from home. Enjoy your pictures as well as any comments about the Amish life-style.

  3. Dave Gibson
    Dave Gibson - at - - Reply

    Thanks for this, P.L. As an Australian, it is always good to study/see other phases of culture. As a child growing up on a banana plantation I walked several mile to school. Shoes!!!!! What were they!!! Cheers from Down Under. Dave.

  4. Dr. Kenneth R. Cooper
    Dr. Kenneth R. Cooper - at - - Reply

    Like Mr. Holsinger, I, too, walked to school the first 11 years–3 different schools, elementary, junior high, and high school–each a little further away. But all in the city. I lived in an urban area of Pennsylvania. And, Yes, brother Terry, those were the days…!

  5. Paul L. Gaus
    Paul L. Gaus - at - - Reply

    This is one of my favorite images lately.

  6. Catherine
    Catherine - at - - Reply

    I still often walk to school unless I ride my bike. I’m 51 and a middle school teacher.

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