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  1. Randy Gudeahn
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    We enjoy the Amish very much. Great photo. I live in the Finger Lakes region of New York where I get to see and work with these folks quite a bit. A hard but fulfilling life. My wife gave me your new book which I can’t wait to read, as I have them all. I may have told you before…I’m your biggest fan in Western New York.

    Randy Gudeahn

  2. Terry Holsinger
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    New book? I ordered a pre-release copy but have not received it yet. Should I have? Just asking…

  3. Josef von Klarr
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    This is how I learned how to plow.yes behind a walking plow but dad only made us do sod ground with the walking plow but I had to do all 25 acres! ! The corn stalks we could use the ridding plow!! Another 25 acres! ! I love dairy farming! !

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