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  1. Ernest Myers
    Ernest Myers - at - - Reply

    But it might be worth a try, or to at least adopt some of the Amish practices. Doesn’t seem to me we are doing a bang-up job in our self-centered materialistic “society.” Maybe we Indians weren’t so bad off after all.

  2. Karen Byus
    Karen Byus - at - - Reply

    I love to read books concerning the Amish because they are not “over-the-top” if you know what I mean. Besides, being a Senior Citizen, I am not a “blood and guts” sort of person, so these novels and mysteries are my favorite. I do read other books, too. I do not think I could like the life of the Amish. I know I could not do the 3 hour church thing. 🙂

  3. Randy Gudeahn
    Randy Gudeahn - at - - Reply

    I sometimes work on Amish dairy farms with the job that I do. It’s funny when the Amish folk stare at me and ask me questions about my life.

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