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  1. Linda Polson
    Linda Polson - at - - Reply

    So thrilled to hear from you and to hear you’re working on #10! Can’t wait! Is there a ranch in FL involved in the mystery?! Give Madonna a hug from me!

  2. Nadene
    Nadene - at - - Reply

    Such a touching, peaceful photo
    Thanks for sharing, very glad you are well and working.
    Looking forward to your next book.

  3. Brenda Warren
    Brenda Warren - at - - Reply

    I am so glad to hear this. I understand your reluctance with social media.
    More importantly, I’m thrilled to know your tenth book is on its way to completion.

  4. Suzanne Sellner
    Suzanne Sellner - at - - Reply

    I’ve been waiting eagerly for another novel and am delighted that one will be forthcoming before long. I’ve enjoyed your posts on your blog and am glad that you have decided to continue those. God bless!

  5. Sherrill Dunsmuir
    Sherrill Dunsmuir - at - - Reply

    Thank you for this … for all of it. Your postings here are an oasis for me, though I am certain that is true for all of your faithful readers. I’m glad all is well, and I anxiously await your tenth novel.

  6. Pat Wagner
    Pat Wagner - at - - Reply

    Glad to hear that there will be a tenth. I love Amish literature and enjoy a good mystery. The blending of the two is right up
    my alley. Keep them coming!

  7. Dave Gibson
    Dave Gibson - at - - Reply

    I must agree with you re. twitter and facebook- we humans find many ways to ruin and cultivate an atmosphere unworthy of us. Looking forward to your next outing. Love the photo- I don’t know if we have anything equating to the Amish in Australia. Good health to you and blessings from Down Under

  8. Melissa L
    Melissa L - at - - Reply

    So glad to hear about a 10th novel. I cannot wait to read it. I agree with Facebook. I have begun to only use it to keep up with authors I read or far away friends.

  9. Midnight Wilson
    Midnight Wilson - at - - Reply

    What a great photo for the Father’s Day season! Social media is mind-boggling. I think you made a good decision!

    RAY WATSON - at - - Reply

    Good report. Waiting for what’s NEW with the Amish folk.

    In the meantime……back to RE-Reads 🙂


  11. L&C
    L&C - at - - Reply

    We are so happy to hear that you are well. And, we are very excited to hear that we have a new book and more posts to look forward to. Your photos on here are beautiful and bring back wonderful memories of decades of visits to similar Pennsylvania areas whenever we return to Maryland where DH grew up. We hope your thoughtful decisions offer you a measure of peace as we are in heartfelt agreement. Have a wonderful day.

  12. Wanda Lucas
    Wanda Lucas - at - - Reply

    Glad to hear about another novel. Also glad to hear all is well with you. Love the photo and admire the slower pace of life among Amish and Mennonite.
    Also understand your position on social media. We would all probably be better off to do as you are doing

  13. Trish
    Trish - at - - Reply

    I have enjoyed all books so far and look forward to the next installment!

  14. Karen M. Byus
    Karen M. Byus - at - - Reply

    I am so excited to receive this e-mail as I have been wondering how you have been during this long break from any post. I can hardly wait for this new book, and have really enjoyed your other novels. I love mysteries and you wait until the very end to name the villain.

    Take care, but hurry up! 🙂

  15. Steve
    Steve - at - - Reply

    Twitter bugs me too!

  16. Nancy Sobottka
    Nancy Sobottka - at - - Reply

    Appreciate the hard work that goes into writing good fiction. You are right on on technology. Look forward to more good reading from you.

  17. Lynn Hamilton
    Lynn Hamilton - at - - Reply

    Good to hear from you. Looking forward to your next book. I agree with you
    100% on the twitter/faceybook views. Toxic.

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