About The Series: The Amish-Country Mysteries

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The Amish-Country Mysteries

The tenth Amish-Country Mystery, Stars for Lydia, has recently been self-published both as an e-book, available at most of the popular e-reader vendors, and as a paperback available at Amazon.

Paul’s first six novels were originally published as the Ohio Amish Mysteries by Ohio University Press, in both hard-cover first editions and trade paperback editions. The stories have now been revised and updated, and they have been republished as the Amish-Country Mysteries by Plume, a division of Penguin Group USA. The seventh novel, Harmless as Doves, An Amish-Country Mystery, was published as a hardcover edition in July of 2011 by Ohio University Press, and a trade paperback edition was published by Plume in 2012. The eighth novel in the series, The Names of Our Tears was published by Plume in 2013.  The ninth novel, Whiskers of The Lion, was published by Plume on March 31, 2015. The tenth novel, Stars for Lydia, was published by the author in 2019. It is available as a paperback at Amazon, and as an electronic book for all of the popular e-readers (Kindle, Nook, KOBO, etc.).

Series Reviews

Paul’s novels have been reviewed in prominent journals and newspapers, for instance, Kirkus Reviews, ForeWord Magazine, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Booklist, Ohioana Quarterly, and the New York Times Book Review. Here are excerpts from some of the reviews.


“This is definitely a series worth reading.”

New York Times Book Review:

“Gaus is a sensitive storyteller who matches his cadences to the measured pace of Amish life, catching the tensions among the village’s religious factions.”

Library Journal:

“Precise, detailed descriptions of Amish practices and full-bodied, unhurried, well-measured prose. A pleasure to read.”

Christian Science Monitor:

“Gaus captures the steady cadence of Amish life and offers a vivid depiction of both the world they live in and their particular vision of human experience.”

Publisher’s Weekly:

“Gaus brings a refreshing authenticity to his unusual setting and characters. There are no wise-cracking gumshoes here, but instead believable characters whose faith is explored with respect . . . [A] fine mystery debut.”

Ohioana Quarterly:

“Gaus has done successfully what would seem nearly impossible: to meld a mystery novel with a description of Amish life in Holmes County without scanting either one.”