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  1. Midnight Wilson
    Midnight Wilson - at - - Reply

    Can’t wait to read it!

  2. Melissa L
    Melissa L - at - - Reply

    Looking forward to reading it!!

  3. Karen M. Byus
    Karen M. Byus - at - - Reply

    I agree with Melissa and Midnight Wilson. I read a lot of Amish Novels so I knew of this group, the Schwartzentruber. VERY difficult life style compared to some of the newer groups.

  4. Ray
    Ray - at - - Reply

    Can’t wait , reckon I must. Please hurry.☺️

  5. Wil
    Wil - at - - Reply

    Looking forward to the new book.

  6. Cindy in Lakewood
    Cindy in Lakewood - at - - Reply

    Definitely waiting for new book. Have loved every one. Can’t wait to meet you on Aug 3rd!

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